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Alex and Patrick Homecoming 2014

I have to say, these two make me smile. If he wasn’t carrying her over wet, muddy grass he was putting her shoes back on her dainty feet. Just too cute! Tonight was a special night for them…their first homecoming together and their last homecoming since they are seniors. They just click and I had fun capturing that!


These two…


He makes her laugh like crazy!



I just have a thing for feet pictures.


You hop on my back….


…and I’ll hop on yours!



Alex’s Sunflower Pics 2014


This girl…..


She has a way of making me laugh.


Sunflowers and cowboy boots…


She was so easy to photograph. That happens when you just ooze with beauty.


This shoot was a lot of fun. She went location scouting and found this field on the side of a back road in Canton…just someone’s back yard. Yes…we did knock on their door to ask them. They didn’t answer. Yes…we went ahead and used their place anyway. Carpe Diem right!?